Asbestos Registers & Audits

What's Required By Law


As of July 1st 2013, all Tasmanian businesses must have completed an asbestos audit and register by an accredited organisation.


Fines start with individuals at $6,000, corporations at $30,000, and can reach up to $150,000 and or a trip to jail.


Those liable include persons with management or control of a workplace.

What's An Audit?


We don't knock holes in your walls looking for asbestos.  We simply conduct a visual inspection and find out  where asbestos is present.


We will identify any risks form asbestos in  this audit, which will form the backbone of your risk management and due diligence under workplace safety legislation.

What's A Register?


A register is an on site list of where asbestos is present for use of contractors or renovators.


It's there so if a plumber comes to fix a leak, they don't put a circular saw through a wall where there's asbestos and cause serious health issues for themselves and your business.

Asbestos Removal


It's almost always a better long-term solution to have asbestos removed completely.


We're fully qualified to remove asbestos, and have extensive experience in removing it safely and quickly from Tasmanian buildings.  The transport and disposal of your asbestos is included in the costs of our service.


Your business's audit will provide you with the location of asbestos, and any cases where removal is required.

Asbestos Remediation


If contained asbestos is not harmful to your health.  It's when it's exposed and has the potential to mix in with air that it will present a serious health risk.


Some risks can be solved with a encapsulation procedure.  This is only a short-term solution, and not one we would always recommend.


Your business's audit will identify any risks that need containment.

Our Customer Commitment


We will remove all asbestos and give you our honest recommendations based on our individual 35+ years of experience.  We will always keep you and your staff safe.  We will minimise downtime by keeping you informed of our schedule and we will always stick to it.  We ourselves have flexible hours and will work around you.  There will never be any left over mess and it will be cleaner than we found it, we guarantee it!

Our Guarantee


We will absolutely leave your place cleaner and smelling better than we found it, every time


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