Where Might I Find Asbestos?

Asbestos Is In A Lot Of Places

Because it was cheap and easy to use, asbestos was unfortunately in wide use before research found how hazardous it is.  As a result, it's present in a lot of areas where you might not expect it to be - even in homes.


This is a guide that we'll add to over time where you might find asbestos.  Please note there's not always a guarantee you'll find it in there products - it depends when the products were created and installed.  If in doubt, please call us before handling.


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Asbestos Pipe In Ground

Ausbestos Electrical Board

Asbestos In Brickboard

Asbestos In Eave Sheet

Asbestos In Flatsheet

Asbestos In Flatsheet On Stramit Panel

Floor Tiles

Vinyl Floor (Asbestos Backing)

Old Flower Pots

Friable Pipe Insulation



Gutters And Downpipes

Old Oven Gasket


Pods In Concrete

Roof Vents

Super Six Wall Cladding

Telstra Pits


Vented Eaves

Wall And Eave Sheet

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